Lens Data

Simulated lens data are generated assuming a flat ΛCDM cosmological model with Ωm = 0.27, including:

The non_drizzled images are put in the first layer of the lens sample folder. Drizzled images are put in the folder named “drizzled_image”. The other information of the lens could be found in the text file named “lens_info_for_Good_team.txt”.

Enjoy the data:

Download Rung0 True parameter for Rung0

Download Rung1 Rung1 open box

The oversampled PSF as used in the simulation are provided; the pixel size is 0.13/4=0.0325 arcsec:

Download oversampled PSF for Rung0-1

Download Rung2 Rung2 open box

Download Rung3 Rung3 open box